Deer Creek


Bl├╝ and I parked at the Deer Creek “Snow Play” area (Monday May 7) on the Mountain Loop Highway (about 65 miles from Seattle), thinking the road was closed all the time to vehicular traffic…but no. Anyhow, it didn’t matter. We walked up the road through the open gate and didn’t see a car the entire 3 hours of so that we were there. There was snow on the ground starting at about 2800 feet. (Beginning elevation is around 1200 feet, I think). It’s nice to walk–or trudge–over the snow in short sleeves in the sun. It was in the mid-sixties and sunny. Very beautiful. Interestingly, it was like stepping back in time because even though spring is in full swing at home near sea level, up at 2800 feet (in the snow!) the buds are swelling, but there are no leaves on the deciduous trees. Most of the trees are evergreens, BTW.

I wanted an easy hike because I had hurt my knee. Deer Creek fit the bill just fine. I stopped and did some sketches on the way back down. We didn’t make it to the end of the trail because the snow got deeper as we climbed higher making it slow going. I think we hiked (walked?) about seven miles total.

The sketch is of Long Mountain (I think). It was “painted” with snow fields here and there. I’ve always loved the abstract pattern of snow fields and avalanche chutes on mountains. This is a scan from my sketchbook. The drawing of Long Mountain is right side up in this view. The sketches lower down in the image are on their sides because I was holding the book the “normal” way when I did them. They are “close-ups” of snow fields.


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