Writer’s block


Artists frequently have writers-block when writing about their work. I came to a realization quite recently that one of the reasons that we artists don’t want to clarify completely (if that were even possible) is that we do not want to limit the meaning of our work. Even titling a work locks in a particular meaning. To an extent, my work is about autonomy. Writing about a particular piece, or my work in general, seems to me to lessen the autonomy of my work. That’s my silent “Gary Cooper” side. My blabbering side knows that truly great art can survive having endless tomes written about it. Wagner’s Ring demands analysis, yet every analysis of it ends up being a bit like a hamster on its endless wheel. The absolute meaning is elusive because some new conception of what the work might mean opens up even more meanings. It can’t be analyzed completely because it is an autonomous thing. It deftly leans away from the high-and-inside-fastball of analysis, because it exists to be experienced, not analyzed.

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