Over/Under/Through from Mike Adams on Vimeo.

This is another sequence for the installation “Fram,” which combines aerial images of a rocky landscape in Greenland, with the forest on the trail to Monte Cristo in the North Cascades (Snohomish County, Washington, USA). The two separate sequences, here combined, were taken by me of course. The images of Greenland are probably of the western coast (I was flying from Reykjavik, Iceland to Seattle). The Monte Cristo images were taken while walking back toward the trail head, around the half-way point on the road. It was a strange, smokey day. The sunlight was diffused by smoke from widespread forest fires on the eastern side of the mountains. (I kept thinking of Frodo marching toward Mordor. . .but that’s another tale.)
I am exploring ideas of the tactile and the visual, things that are intimate and those that are far away, and in a sense, transcendent. When you are flying, looking down with a godlike view, you are removed from some sensory experience. You are predominantly using vision. But when you are walking in a forest, you are having a more intimate experience, using touch, smell, and hearing, in addition to sight. It is not that one is superior to the other, but they are vastly different. Here I combine them. The bare rock showing in the Greenland images also makes me think of the mining that occurred at the end of the Monte Cristo road, delving deep, into the rock, under the surface, looking for treasure. . .

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