Venetian Graces


I borrowed the Three Graces from the Piccolimini Library at the Duomo in Siena (from a photograph that I took), and placed them in another landscape (or is it a seascape?), this time a Venetian fantasy. I mentioned my fixation with the interplay between interior exterior spaces in my post on Raw Siena. What strikes me about Italy is how people’s private lives seem to spill out into public spaces, and it is my pet theory that this manifests in Italian art. Think of the Mona Lisa. She seems to be sitting inside, yet outside, the mountains in the background are distinctly portrayed, not as a decorative motif, but as something important.

What I particularly like about this collage (actually, I guess it’s more of a painting since the only collaged element is the photograph of the sculpture of the Three Graces), is the topsy-turvy nature of it. That certainly makes me think of Venice! The sky looks like water, and the water like fields of grain or a plain surrounding the city. Everything seems to sway or at least tip, since the ground subsides, and buildings lean. Plus, riding on the vaporetto (the motor launches that go from place to place) gives one sea-legs, and I found myself feeling like I was still at sea while standing on land.

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